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The tailor-made feed for horses or ponies that •À_hot up•À_ or •À_go off their heads•À_ on normal conditioning feeds, or anything with barley in it. Formulated without barley or oats, Calm & Condition is a pelleted diet for horses with a true barley intolerance, but who need to put on condition. Low in starch and high in fibre, a careful high-oil balance of linseed and soya oil helps to produce fantastic skin and coat condition. Boosted vitamin and mineral levels, premium grade herbs and Protexin combine to assist effective digestion and well-being. OIL 5.50 PRO 12.00 FIB 11.50 Estimated DE 12.50 PROTEXIN – Your horse needs a healthy balance of micro-organisms in its gut for good digestion. When this is upset a feed containing Protexin may help restore the correct balance. (May be beneficial after the use of wormers and antibiotics.) The vitamin & mineral supplement in these feeds provides Vitamin A, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E, Copper, Selenium, Vitamin K, Folic Acid, Nicotinic Acid, Pantothenic Acid, Vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12 , Biotin, Iodine, Cobalt, Iron, Manganese, Zinc, Calcium and Magnesium. Oil, Protein (PRO) and Fibre (FIB) are measured in percentages. Estimated Digestible Energy (DE) is measured in Megajoules/Kg

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