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The grass is flash dried at temperatures of 800•À_C which kills any moulds or spores. The high temperature drying combined with a comprehensive dust extraction program minimises respiratory risks and provides an assurance of cleanliness. Why Feed GRAZE-ON ? The high feed value allows concentrate feeding to be reduced. The high levels of digestible fibre are beneficial in maintaining the physical and mental well being of the horse or pony. GRAZE-ON contains all the important minerals and vitamins, including Vitamin E, Beta-Carotene and a Calcium : Phosphorus ratio of ideal proportions. Short-Chop Forage •À_ the advantages: Trials have proven that short-chop forage such as GRAZE-ON takes longer to eat than the same weight of long-chop forage such as hay. This means that feeding your horse GRAZE-ON prolongs eating time and aids good digestion. GRAZE-ON is sealed in watertight bags allowing it to be stored outside. With the absence of any syrups/sugars on the product, such as molasses, the product life is extended and whilst kept dry, GRAZE-ON will store indefinitely. GRAZE-ON is available year round, in easy to handle 15kg bags

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