Fly-Repel Spray 750ml

Equine America Fly Repel Spray 750ml


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Fly Repel witha new improved formulation whichcontains LemongrassOil, Teatree Oil,Lavender Oil,Citronella Extract andEthyl Buthanol.This innovativenatural equineFly Spray is perfect for the horses that you care about. Specially formulated for horses and ponies, this fly repellent gives superior natural protection from troublesome biting flies and so can prevent the diseases that they carry. Equine America Fly spray is an essential horse care health product for long lasting fly deterrent.Sales and testimonials have been very encouraging with superior performances in teststhan DEET and NEEM. The natural ingredients (see below) allow safe use for both horse and rider. Take care when applying around the eyes.This Fly Spray is a much safer, more humane alternative as a posed to the likes of DEET which has many different side effects that can severely harm your horse. This is why with Equine America’s Fly Repel spray we are confident that with the natural ingredients used you would not encounter any of the same problems.

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